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Why Do Injuries Happen?

Everything is going great and then, BOOM! Pain starts and you have to modify workouts, or even worse, take a break from working out. Sounds terrible right?

Why does this happen? Well, pain is typically the last step of the process. This isn’t just a one time thing; it’s been silently building over time. The human body is an incredible adapter. It will find a way around small aches and soreness, which is great for the short term. Over time, these changes in our movement can have some consequences. When pain begins, it means your body has reached its limits and decided it's time to get some help. Cue the pain signals!

Now, imagine if you could stop injuries before they happen...

Often we get injured by the way we move or are unable to move. This means that hthe best way to address injuries is with a proactive approach. Whether patients come to me with an injury or just a desire to move better, our goals are the same. First, let's decrease the pain (if you're having any). Second, let's treat the cause, not just the symptoms. Third, let's keep it from coming back. Of course this is no guarantee that you will never have pain, but our goal is to avoid the big ones that keep you sidelined.

Call today to find out how you can move better and avoid injuries.


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