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Being healthier without changing exercise or diet

In a recent post, I talked about setting short term, measurable goals that get us to our big goals. Here are some examples of healthy habits that can start right now and require no exercise or changes in your nutrition.

1. Hydrate- the fruit doesn’t get more low hanging than this. Set reminders and n your phone, hang your water bottle from your belt loop, it doesn’t matter what it takes to remember it. This is as simple as health tips get.

2. Eat undistracted- This makes us more aware of when we’re full, instead of just eating until the food is gone.

3. Be in bed for at least 7 hours- Maybe you won’t be sleeping the whole time, maybe you will. You can’t always control the quality of your sleep, but we have a much better chance of controlling what time we go to bed.

4. Plan your meals- This can be as simple as deciding on something with chicken and putting it in the fridge to thaw before leaving for work. This can also mean spending a few hours every Sunday making all your lunches. Pick what works best for you. All that really matters is that we do something rather than nothing.

I hope these help!


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