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Use your butt!

It’s great advice for so many moves, but we’re talking about how it can improve your pushups today. Abs usually don’t get sore from push ups, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t using them. In fact, it’s often the first place technique starts to break down. We’re breathing hard, arms are giving out, and it gets difficult to keep a solid plank position. The hips start to sag to the floor and we start looking more like a fish out of water than the fine tuned amateur exercisers that we are. Well, the solution is, use your butt!

This can be a difficult cue to use if you modify pushups to knee pushups. While they will maintain the intensity of the workout, they aren’t the best way to get better at pushups. Pushups with your hands on a box do a much better job of maintaining the pushup position and reinforcing important aspects of the technique. They might be a better option next time you see pushups in a workout.


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