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Quarantine Exercises- Shoulder

Since we're all on lock down until further notice, I am going to post as many videos as I can to help you self treat at home. Each video will focus on one injury ans how to take care of it until we're all able to return to normal.

Today is shoulder pain, specifically pain when raising your arms overhead. Typically the pain will present on the front or top of the shoulder. Here's what to do:

First, let's set a baseline. Stand with your back against the wall and raise your arms with your thumbs up. Notice how it feels and whether you can get your thumbs to touch the wall. We'll check that again later.

Second, let's stretch. The prayer stretch will lengthen your lats and encourage better positioning overhead. Grab a broom or PVC pipe and hold it with your palms facing up. Then rest your elbows on a table and push your head towards the floor.

Third, let's build strength. Prone YTAs are a great exercise to develop better shoulder stability and increase external rotation. Squeeze your butt and pinch your shoulder blades together throughout the exercise.

Now let's check for improvement. Go back to the wall and raise your arms up. Did you get further? Did it feel different?

As with any exercise, stop if you have any increase in pain. If you have any questions, comment or email me.


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