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Quarantine Exercises- Low Back

Back pain is no fun, so let’s talk about how to take care of it yourself instead of waiting for an appointment. Chances are you aren’t able to get treated right now and won’t be able to for a while longer. So what can you do in the mean time?

Number 1, and most importantly, keep moving. Don’t stop exercising! Nobody can get to the gym right now, but we can still find opportunities to exercise. Inactivity can be one of the worst things for someone experiencing back pain, so find ways to stay active that don’t increase your pain.

The mobility technique I’m showing today is for a muscle called the QL and all you need is a ball. The key here is to spend at least 2 minutes working the muscle. It took a lot of sitting to cause the pain so the solution will take some time too!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!


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