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Pain at the front of your hip?

A lot of times, pain in the hip just below the waist is due to tight hip flexors, but when stretching and foam rolling doesn’t work, there may be a deeper issue. If there is an impingement in the joint, no amount of stretching will get rid of the pain and we have to improve the joint mechanics. Today I’m showing 2 of my favorite ways to do that. Before trying these, set a baseline by performing a few squats and noticing how your hips feel at the bottom. Once you’ve done these exercises, check again for improvement. Banded Hip Mobilization Do a couple 20-30 second rounds of gently driving your knee in and out. Don’t expect to feel the same sensation as stretching because we are mobilizing a joint instead of stretching a muscle. Banded Pause Squats You don’t need a ton of tension in the band to get results, just enough to cue your knees to drive out. Move slowly and stop 2-3 times on your way down, especially at the position where the pain is most prominent. This helps activate the muscles needed to maintain this new mobility at the hip. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes! Move well. Perform Better.


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