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Don't Rely on Willpower; Make a Plan

I’m double dipping, but I wanted to share the @freewillcrossfit Tip Tuesday post. I know we’re all struggling a bit so I hope this helps! Having trouble staying out of the pantry? Do you hear the refrigerator beckoning?

If you're hoping your willpower is going to jump in and put a stop to the indulgence, you have more resolve than we do. What's always worked for us is something tangible, something we can see and check off. We have been planning our dinners for years, but the current situation has called for even more accountability so we've extended it to lunch as well (You don't see breakfast on there because we eat the same thing everyday - eggs, fruit, and maybe some oatmeal).

It's a little easier to stop the endless snacking if I know what I have coming up for lunch and dinner. The idea isn't to make the goals easy, but to make it easy to achieve the goals. Set yourself up to succeed.


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