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Get More Out Of Your Shoulder Exercises

When we have pain, it’s almost always a multifaceted issue. If we had one muscle per joint that was solely responsible moving it, things would be much simpler. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and, accordingly, requires action from many muscles in order to move well. In cases of shoulder injuries, part of the approach is to strengthen muscles that stabilize the joint, but what if poor mobility limits that? Being strong in a partial range of motion means we are only partially treating the issue. Overdeveloped or tight chest muscles can often be the culprit for all kinds of shoulder pain. Once the chest is more mobile, we can get more activation of the muscles we’re targeting and avoid reinforcing less than optimal mobility patterns. Whether you’re just looking to be proactive or currently working through some shoulder pain, add these to your routine and let me know how it goes. Move well. Perform better.


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